Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bit comet 1.15

it seem this one its new realese~

just start using this morning~

it seem all detail already easy to look ~

make the thing easy ???

currently listen to~ 創世と終焉 -Lei ol Lag-quara-

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

re-think back around this semester ~

i dun really remember i have learn in this semester or about the work or assestment

since most of time i just spend at my home~(curse myself to keep on be on sick for this semester)

body condition semm not going to be okay for the while~seem it like to be more worse(anyhting lar~but dun screw anymore of my plan and study~)

it still have a week or 2 for me keep on study for the exam~

~this semester i will keep go to collage during exam time for study~

might be parted with computer for the serious moment~i cant screw up my study anymore~

etto ~etto~ what more

dateline for ID(interface design project~ its 10 day)

process working on 0%~since will do at friday~

dateline for web project(10day)

process working on its 0%~going rush back study and will do at sunday
< T_T~ i do ask someone else help for settle hyperlink cases~so stupid of me>

dateline b4 my stupid 21th birthday its 8 day~

haiz~i totally didnt hope anything for this(i never expect anything from my birthday ~never celebrate it thou)

just maybe this year~will got some people will spam my wall with birthday wish(what did i expect for????)

okay~enough writing for now~

signing out~

music listen while writing this post~
Sakura Drop,Hikari,This is Love ~all by Utada Hikaru~

Monday, October 12, 2009

A dying Blog~

just update another blog with random thing~

my another blog~

Sunday, August 30, 2009

it hurt and keep on hurting~

.....not really a statement~

didnt think i will in this grave of hurt~

it keep hurting and hurting

please ~really please realese me from this feeling~

but dun make me forget the feeling b4 this

but then

if that is what u wish

maybe i will just forget it

to be honest~

i really dun want to lose it

rite now~what i want it just.......................

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

farewell~i dun fell we can be like b4 anymore

current listen media while writing this post : meimou no hate,Kumo to Rouba to Shoujo,Main Theme,Main Theme~revise~,Main Theme -Tsumi,Main Theme- Ai,Main Theme -Tsumi~another ver.~,Main Theme - Yui, Main Theme-kai,Main Theme-kai~another version.~,Main Theme~ Hayashi & Main Theme-Hayashi~another ver.~

just hate me~or rather i will make some of you hated me~

dun need to say crap~"oh i wont be like that"~ or "i will never hated you"

since i will plant the seed very carefull~so your word can i can just click and deleted it~

later yet u will say~this is not me~ me supposed not to be like this~

now i asking ~"what me that you know about??" even u can say u know me ish like this and like that~

some of it maybe true ~but only partial of me ~but u never see all of me~

to be honest even me myself dun know about all of myself~

back to main point here~

i dun feel like i going to continue to know some people like i used to be

sorry~but i can feel any sincery from your word~

currently i want foward this thing to 2 people

1st person~nice to know you~i know you still have lot of problem to handle with~let me just be stranger in your life~ so u wont have to worry anything(i bet ever you??)
just brace yourself with your like~

praying for all your problem will settle and u will have happy and blissfull life with person u love so much~

2nd person-sorry~after all of that~i totally dun know which part of your word is lie or truth anymore~

u say dun want the freindship to be brake ~but then u the one who like making our freindship be like this~it seem like me the one who overreact to recover it back

let me tell one thing~the main reason~why i think i been acted like that~

i think me actually crush on you~that why even when people come and say to ignore you or just leave you alone~i rather not take thier advise~i try to be more and more closed to you~

that why the thing u so -called-it- as -joke(i still wonder if true this is joke or u really mean it)

i become and shocked and called u lied(becoz u say will not having any relation until one certain period of time)

haiz~what the crap i been update here~

come forth my former self~i just to be cheer back~i dun like to be emo stated like this~even i just smiled to certain people~just show me its like nothing happen to be

in fact all the time~i just hurt and keep hurting myself

since when this thing happen?i think it was by the story that happen to be b4 this~ fake story about thing happen to me currently but then it just ilusion that i belive it was a real~

argghhhhh~just stop this crap and i want focus on my study back~already been worse and more worse for this semester~

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Decision(how reveal the truth) and The JudgeMent(what should i do)

2 big cases into my life

the decision part~

it seem what i have calculate from b4 the start and until now~

the calculation all goes the very right thing

but since it seem i already out from the field of the cases~

i have too see~either their will left some effect or not

the judgement part

i cant judge anything~just because i been scare by old event that have been happen to me and now its seem be repeat again~

~when the time it fall~

maybe i will just decide to like pretending the thing havent happen in the first place~

i will just watch ~that my job
i will just watch ~that the only thing i can do~


after near to 2 month didnt update my blog this is what i write???? -_-lll

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mamoru Arc chapter 01(the beginning)

the night~

even thou he got rejected at first try

then he manage to called her~it seem she already accept him into her life

then thier can be say official become a couple

he swear that he will always try make that girl happy even thou if they happen have parted away later(oh god!please dont)

not all thing can proceed smoothly~

it seem the first trail already arrive very soon

but the continue may not be story~